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The Beyond Gardens Team

Meet the team that bring you the workshops

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GardenWise gardens use less water and fertiliser, save time and money, are functional, enhance the environment and have a real WOW factor. Find out the recipes for a Great Western Australian Garden

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Great Food Gardens

Learn how to grow delicious fruit and vegetables in a Western Australian Waterwise and Fertiliserwise way. Discover the secrets, dispel the myths. Big garden or small you can still grow a Great Food Garden food at home

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Bushfoods in the Backyard

"There is an amazing diversity of bush food just waiting for you to discover and grow in your home garden. Generally waterwise with unique flavour the Beyond Gardens Team is committed to helping West Australians discover the wonderful world of bush foods."

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General Discussion

Use this area to tell us about your garden. Ask questions or even give an answer to someone else.

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